If you are seeking ways to connect with your clients or organizational members through webinars, finding the right match of content and presentation style is critical. Karel Murray will design programming that fits your organizational need.

Benefits of Using Karel Murray for your Webinars

  • Highly energetic and content rich programming delivered in a fully interactive and fun way.
  • No travel expenses incurred in order to have a nationally recognized instructor deliver the content your membership wants and needs.
  • Strategic and analytical ability with nationwide perspective
  • Exceptional training programs to enhance productivity & effectiveness
  • Career insight and interpersonal skills to create an energetic learning experience


The Webinar Booking Process - Karel Murray Responsibilities

  • Customize of all webinars to ensure the Association/Company brand is prevalent throughout the webinar and related materials.
  • Provide different webinar programming lengths as best fits the need of the Association/Company.
  • Provide hands on applicable tools that can be utilized in a licensee’s business right away.
  • Utilize extensive personal expertise during the narrative portion of the webinar coupling that with highly focused content.
  • Work with the Association/Company to incorporate state specific language and processes into the webinar to ensure compliance to state law requirements
  • Adapt easily to the Association/Company webinar platform in order to enhance the attendee experience of the webinar.

Association/Company Responsibility

  • Provide the webinar platform and have opportunities for practice run through of the selected programming.
  • Handle marketing and registration of the webinar
  • Provide an Association/Company contact who will be the host of the actual webinar and be available for technology issues that may arise.
  • Ensure Association/Company logos, introduction and closing text are forwarded to Karel Murray on the agreed upon schedule.
  • Upload for attendee use any handouts provided by Karel Murray for the session via the webinar platform.
  • Record the webinar and provide a copy to Karel Murray within one week of the presentation.


General Agreements

Karel Murray agrees to allow the Association/Company to record all webinars conducted for the Association and reutilize them as they wish for as long as they wish. The Association/Company will have full rights to market and reuse the webinar content without further compensation due to Karel Murray as long as the Our Branch, Inc. copyright is honored.

The Association/Company agrees to provide a copy of the webinar to Karel Murray and grants her permission to remove the customized beginning and end of the program that is Association specific and repurpose/ upload that content to her Our Branch, Inc. platform at DigitalChalk.com

Karel Murray will customize visuals and all related materials for the webinar for the Association/Company brand as well as provide handouts and auxiliary material (when it relates to the class)

The Association/Company agrees to upload handouts for student's use prior to the webinar.

The Association/Company will assign a “lead” person to assist Karel Murray in customizing the material as needed for the branding and state specific information.

The Association/Company will be responsible for any costs, fees, and/or filing of material for state approval for continuing education credit if needed.

The Association/Company understands and agrees that all writings, lectures, and other products developed and provided by Our Branch, Inc. for the webinar series are copyrighted by Our Branch, Inc. and reserves the right to continue to sell the programming to other clients and venues.

Karel Murray understands and agrees that all writings, lectures, and other products developed, provided, or endorsed by the Association/Company shall be used by Our Branch, Inc., only in accordance with the presentation guidelines for the specific event or programming.

Both the Association/Company and Karel Murray agree that Karel Murray, Our Branch, Inc. is engaged in an independent business and has complied with all federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding business permits and licenses of any kind which are required to carry out the said business and the tasks to be performed under this agreement.

Webinar Pricing

Pricing for the webinars includes:

  1. Expertise and content provided by Karel Murray, Our Branch, Inc.

  2. Personally conducted webinars by Karel Murray at dates and times contracted.

  3. On-line webinar sessions that run up to 4 hours in length.

  4. Auxiliary materials such as handouts, white papers and supporting articles as agreed upon between Karel Murray and the Association.

  5. Payment for the webinars due 30 days after each session

  6. The right for the Association/Company to record the webinar and have multiple, repeated fee based use of the recorded content at no additional cost or payment to Karel Murray.

  7. The more webinars contracted for, the less expensive the webinar pricing – up to 30% reduction

  8. Association/Company needs, budget and other requirements will be considered when finalizing pricing and content.