After personally planning two national conferences and several regional engagements, I fully understand a meeting planner’s needs when it comes to selecting programming and the person trusted to deliver that content. Here is my commitment to you:

Content that sticks

Interaction that creates a memorable experience

Delivery that stays on track with your learning objectives

Personal, professional, topnotch service - I'm known for it.

Meaningful and hilarious story telling that brings characters to life which in turn enhances participation

I invite you to join me for an informative, interesting, interactive, humorous journey -- contact me today!

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Keynote/General Session Presentations

Keynotes and general session presentations are delivered in 30 minute to 2 hour lengths.  Customization is available. View and download the Association/Corporate Press Kit or the Real Estate Press Kit for a complete listing of Karel's sessions.

Karel's most requested keynote offerings are described below:

Regain perspective and forego fear with Karel as your guide. Rapidly shifting attitudes, loyalties, and expectations have made clarity of purpose more important than ever. Gather memorable insights from the world of bagel shops, reality tv, and "living large." It's about finding the The Great and Powerful 'Ah' moment in your life and acting on it.

There’s never been a better time to:

  • Feel Good about yourself and the work you do
  • Think Forward about your ability to meet new business realities
  • Laugh until your face hurts
Navigate through the fast lane world of life's obstacles.

Straight Talk BookWhat lessons about life can a big ballerina, a Fabio fantasy gone awry, and a masseuse armed with hot rocks possibly convey?

Find out with some Straight Talk, Karel's most requested keynote.

Laugh till it hurts and smile with recognition as Karel brings the ordinary to life in extraordinary ways. From trusting your gut reaction to ceasing to be a victim of circumstance, rediscover the intrinsic value of you and your experiences through the magic of laughter.

Based on her book Straight Talk: Getting Off the Curb (co-authored with K.C. Lundberg, Arnica Publishing) Karel delivers witty, straight-forward advice in stories that will captivate you and give your inner ballerina a boost!

Stop pleading insanity and Get a Grip! This fast paced, content packed presentation identifies the internal and external influences that create chaos and stress in our daily lives. Get real life suggestions on establishing balance. Examine change, motivation, personal accountability, stress survival, time management, and how to diagnose your "stumbling blocks."

“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.” Yogi Bara

The Language of IntentAre you one of those people who feels that their life has been shaped by unforeseen events or subjected to the actions of people who surround you? Do you constantly replay a helpless litany of negative thoughts hoping that somehow your life will improve? Join Karel Murray, CSP as she explores how, as human beings, we want something deeper and now is the time to discover that you do have the ability to shape your life and control your outcomes by embracing the Language of Intent. 

Take the journey and learn about the languages of...
Self Created Barriers
No More!
Intentional Contentment
Listening and Responding

Session Length: 1 Hour 

General Business – Industry Customized

13 Productive Culture Trends

Are you caught in an endless cycle of putting out fires, quelling arguments, dealing with difficult employees, and financial survival every month? Karel has distilled years of consultation work with companies into one solution-finding, interactive session for managers like you who want to increase productivity and decrease stress. If you’re looking for a chance to simply vent frustrations, this isn’t it: In this session you’ll get real world answers and chances to interact with your colleagues on everything from hiring, profitability to community involvement.

Length of program will be customized

Rapidly shifting attitudes, loyalties, and expectations need to be met with solid service: online AND face-to-face.

You need ICE! Make your customer service remarkable; provide the Incredible Client Experience that today’s marketplace demands.

This interactive session shows you how to evaluate your business processes and then plan a sure footed path to consumer confidence, trust, and enthusiasm about the “cool” services you offer.

You'll learn how to:

  • Survive and thrive amidst constant change.
  • Harness technology to enhance communication and the client connection.
  • List the steps to generate a genuinely interactive and consumer-centric business model.
  • Use the most effective service practices and tools to create great moments of magic in the relationship.
  • Work closely with clients to problem solve and complete tasks in a way that meets their expectations.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Join Karel Murray, CSP, and find out how ICE can heat up your business.

Session Length Options: 1 Hour  2 Hours  3 Hours

Not your typical ethics course, this highly interactive program dives headfirst into pre-conceived notions regarding ethics and how it relates to the business environment.  Peer pressure, personal values, and the practical application of principles that ultimately define what we know as “ethics” creates an exciting and impactful experience.  Participants will actively explore ethical dilemmas and apply various decision making models to arrive at a conclusion that fits their value system based upon situations that are specific to your industry.

Session Length Options: 1 Hour  2 Hours  3 Hours  4 Hours

A business with "bounce" is planned, branded, and marketed with your core values and profitability in mind. In this information-packed session you will.

  • Find out what future trends are going to impact how you market and how you grow.
  • Get a step-by-step roadmap to creating a solid marketing identity and strategic action plan.
  • Take away top tips for maximizing your marketing design and approach in each media.
  • Discover what works and what doesn't (plus a few new tricks) in branding a market identity.

Session Length Options:  1 Hour  2 Hours  3 Hours  4 Hours 

How Good Bosses Become Great Managers

This session takes a hard look at how efficiently managing the processes of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, retention, and motivation of associates and staff can make all the difference. Get effective in providing encouragement and direction to your workforce, provide support systems for your new hires, and still hold every individual accountable.

Session Length Options:  1 Hour  2 Hours  3 Hours  4 Hours  6 Hours

Knowing yourself and how you connect with others is one of the most effective ways of connecting with other business professionals. This highly interactive session will focus on exploring different ways to gain insight into the attendee’s goals and aspirations as well as learn about the other members of the team. Enhance your interactive style and ability to decode signals by attending this fun and fascinating session. After all the goal is to communicate and collaborate.

Session Length Options:  2 Hours  3 Hours  4 Hours

Grow your business by understanding specifically how different types of interaction, motivation, and management styles impact employee performance and a company’s public image. Now, more than ever, employee motivation directly relates to a manager’s conduct and relying on a corporate code of ethics really does matter. Interact, learn, discuss, absorb—and refine your style.

Session Length Options:  1 Hour  2 Hours  3 Hours

Real estate may be local but media is national. Convinced that all housing markets are treacherous, many consumers are reluctant to engage even in locally strong markets. Real estate agents must get buyers to focus on opportunities and reality—not threats. Find out how to:

  • Bring customers back to the table
  • Help them assertively commit
  • Establish a trust-based career that inspires consumer confidence

Session Length Options: 1.5 Hours  3 Hours

Applying Generational Concepts Procedural Audits for Dramatic Results

In Europe, stepping on to a subway is preceded by a recorded warning “Mind the Gap”. Now, more than ever, business professionals are working with a highly diverse group of consumers. You no longer can expect to achieve measurable results in your marketing efforts by operating in an information vacuum and not acknowledging the impact of generational influences. Bridge the gap between generations by developing a targeted prospecting campaign with the intent of making YOU the information resource.

Get specific in designing your approach to the different generations and uncover your overall effectiveness by initiating a personal procedural audit process that will help ensure your career stays aligned with a changing marketplace. Targeting communication to the needs of different generations will help create powerful, meaningful connections with the consumer and will build your referral base. When you “mind the gap” everyone wins.

Session Length Options:  1 Hour  2 Hours 

Are You Pro-Active or Reactive?

Fine tune employee performance and effectively manage situations in this informative, humorous program. Explore delegating, building a team, managing career cycles, evaluating performance, and coaching in a positive environment—it's about real management tools for the real work-a-day world! Find the motivation and perspective to establish a long term, reputable management career by utilizing communication techniques to control rumors, build consensus, and solve problems.

Session Length Options:  1 Hour   2 Hours   3 Hours

An office policy and procedures manual can be the most dynamic document you have in your management arsenal. Employees and Independent Contractors affiliated with  a company look to management for guidance in determining how they will respond to specific work related situations that may or may not be covered by law or part of a corporate culture. Reduce your vicarious liability for employee performance and build a firm foundation for your company mission and vision by attending this vital course on building your office policies.

Session Length Options:  1 Hour  2 Hours  3 Hours

What does it take to build credibility as a leader and establish a positive workplace culture? The prevailing climate of economic change and technological advances create an environment where both the leader and subordinates can either be crippled by worry or thrive through new opportunities.  Lively discussions between attendees and plenty of interactivity help participants walk away from this informative program with a crystal clear understanding of how they, as a leader, define their organization’s culture through credibility, commitment and common sense.

Length of program will be customized.

The Art of Effective Communication

Effectively connecting with others (and preventing “stepping on toes”) is the single best communication skill you can develop!  What does your handshake say about you? What elements affect that all important first impression? Enhance your interactive style and ability to decode signals by attending this fun and fascinating session. After all, it takes two to tango . . . or to communicate and collaborate.

Session Length Options: 1 Hours  2 Hours  3 Hours

“Think Forward” explores essential employment laws and how to avoid discriminatory employment practices. Take home tips that will dramatically minimize managerial liability by getting the most from the company's policy manual. Karel will walk you through developing job descriptions, compensation plans, and evaluation processes relating to management effectiveness, productivity, and the established strategic plan. You'll even get key information on selecting locations and a floor plan in this content packed session.

Length of program will be customized.

Say What You Mean, Get What You Want

Whenever you want something, you begin the negotiation process. Often, a genuine fear develops of even entering into the simplest of negotiation situations. With this session, your confidence will receive a boost when you understand the fundamentals of the negotiation process and apply a new approach. Gear up for a highly interactive presentation and gain new ways to identify behavior styles, options, interests, leverage, and communication methods that can make or break a negotiation. Get new skills so that why you say what you mean and get the results you want.

Session Length Options:  1 Hour  2 Hours  3 Hours

Karel's instructor development workshops

Karel's instructor development workshops take presentation and instructional skills to a new level. From a 6 hour "Presentations That Dazzle" workshop to a 3 day boot camp, Karel's IDW's are unique, highly interactive.

Instructor Development Workshop

Mier cat 3It's important to present like a professional. Attendees' quick judgments are based on how the instructors are perceived - beginning with their first contact through the presentation of the material content. If your trainers are not good speakers, or they design lackluster programs, then they are giving the participants a false perception of their expertise. During this course, attendees will be exposed to a mixture of training and development applications as well as professional speaking techniques which will help ensure programs are as dynamic and effective as possible. After all, it's about the attendees and how well they are able to learn what is taught. And that is ultimately how the company and its trainer's performance are judged.

Contact Karel

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